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Question   Sharon's Pictures
Sharon's pictures are awesome and amazing!!!

- Kim Walker 5/11/2012 1:27:53 PM

  Answer Thank you Kim!

- Sharon M.  5/11/2012 6:38:45 PM

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Question   I am so impressed with your passion
I purchased 3 of your photo's at a yard sale today and was in awe of their beauty, that I went and bought frames right afterwards and now having spent time on the site, have purchased 3 more. Sharon, God has truly blessed you and I thank you for seeing beauty through your eyes.

- Olivia Guler 1/28/2012 6:27:52 PM

  Answer Thank you so much for your encouraging words and purchases. I'm so glad you're enjoying the photos. I enjoy my photography and definitely see things differently than years ago.

- Sharon M.  1/30/2012 4:21:59 PM

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Question   Great photos
Love your pictures! Photography is something I also love doing. Saw Mark today and thought of you. Hope all is well. I hear we live close. Don Brandl

- Don Brandl 1/20/2012 2:52:57 PM

  Answer Thank you Don! It's great to hear from you. Yes, I am on Hwy 46 now. I'm doing pretty good ... we'll have to try to catch up with each other soon.

- Sharon M.  1/21/2012 5:04:00 PM

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Question   Sharon takes the most incredible pictures
Sharon produces the best quality pictures. You will be so satisfied with her work. Take a look at her pictures and see for yourself.

- Bonnie Miller 11/16/2011 8:22:17 PM

  Answer Thank you so much Bonnie! I really enjoy taking photos and I'm glad that my passion shines through to my photos.

- Sharon M.  11/17/2011 6:21:32 AM

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Question   comment
I loved my summer family pictures and I am looking forward to having our Christmas pictures done too!!

- maria lashway 11/15/2011 7:44:43 AM

  Answer Thank you Maria! I am so looking forward to taking your pictures again of you and your family. I can't wait to see you all!!

- Sharon M.  11/15/2011 6:07:55 PM

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Question   Sharon offers outstanding service!
Sharon is willing to go whenever and wherever to take pictures of your group or family. She really makes it a priority to know what you would like to see in your pictures and goes about making it happen.

- Angie D 11/14/2011 7:18:48 PM

  Answer Thank you for the kind words Angie! I do want everyone to be happy with their pictures and enjoy them for years to come.

- Sharon M.  11/14/2011 7:34:47 PM

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Question   Photographs
I love all of your work but especially the pelican because that is one of my most favorite ones.

- anna barnwell-williams 11/14/2011 5:14:31 PM

  Answer Thank you Anna! The pelican is enjoyed by many. I'm glad you love it.

- Sharon M.  11/14/2011 5:44:23 PM

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Question   Awesome Photos
Sharon, Thank you so much for all of the wonderful picutres you did of my family. We will be using you again in the near future for more family pictures.
You have that special talent for photography!!!

- Abbie Miller 11/14/2011 4:38:32 PM

  Answer Thank you Abbie! It was a joy to meet the rest of your family and spend that time with all of you.

- Sharon M.  11/14/2011 4:46:36 PM

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Question   Beautiful Work
I just love your photographs. They are beautiful and taking photographs is an art in itself. I have really enjoyed looking at them. Sorry I missed the family reunion. Maybe we'll get down there one day.
Love anna

- anna barnwell-williams 10/7/2010 6:02:47 PM

  Answer Thank you so much Anna! I really enjoy it and have fun too. Yes, we missed you at the reunion and hope to see you at the next one or even sooner. Love, Sharon

- Sharon M.  10/7/2010 6:19:52 PM

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Question   pictures
Sharon, your pictures are spectacular. How long have you been in business?

- Rae Lynn Bartlett 7/2/2009 12:03:01 PM

  Answer Thank you so much Rae Lynn. I appreciate it. I've had my business for about 3 years or so now.

- Sharon M.  7/2/2009 4:45:12 PM

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